Active Business Services is a Canadian-based energy management firm located in Burlington, Ontario. For more than a decade, Active Business Services has been committed to providing commercial and industrial natural gas and electricity supply and risk management solutions to their customers.

Born from the desire to help Canadian businesses better control and monitor their energy consumption, Active Business Services employs a management team with 100 years of combined experience in the energy management sector.

The professionals at Active Business Services work diligently with a business’ management team and leaders to assess energy needs. After a consultation process, one of the qualified Active Business Services team members provides businesses with ways to effectively manage energy costs through innovative products and customized, tailored procurement strategies.

Over the last ten years, Active Business Services has developed a deep knowledge of natural gas and electricity options for their customers. The company has also established valuable relationships with utilities and service providers that ensure that customers receive the best energy delivery plans available.

Specializing in energy management has also allowed Active Business Services to develop a robust understanding of the distribution, transmission, transportation and storage assets associated with the energy sector.  This enables the professionals at Active Business Services to effectively and efficiently manage their client’s energy portfolios.

As a resident business of Ontario, one of Canada’s most environmentally conscious provinces, Active Business Services offers natural gas and electricity solutions to customers, which are two of the cleanest ways to procure energy.

With a commitment to social and corporate responsibility, Active Business Services provides clients with a variety of options including load following, market price, blocks, base-load block, peak block, fixed price, variable index price and blended hedge.

As part of their ongoing commitment to socially responsibility, Active Business Services purchased 62,000 tonnes of Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits from Landfill Gas Capture Facilities from the City of Peterborough. The CERs are used to offset a portion of the carbon dioxide emissions Active Business Services clients emit using natural gas and electricity.

Focusing on the three key areas of creation, management and evaluation, the consultants at Active Business Services work closely with a business’s management team to custom design an energy procurement strategy that falls in line with the business’s needs, risk level and future goals.

Active Business Services will even handle and manage the energy contracts, so a business can focus solely on advancing and promoting their businesses agenda and goals.